Thursday, October 27, 2011

Batam Dining

So, as I mentioned in an earlier post - we ate often - full breakfasts, lunches and dinners everyday. Below is a typical Batam meal - our lunch today at Rezeki Seafood Restaurant, situated on a pier in a remote area. The seafood was very fresh - we watched the fishermen wade out to catch more while we were eating.

The fish is brought to these tanks until they are "ordered" for a meal.

Diners sit at these long tables...we sat out at the very end...

No idea what this is called but it was like a tamale with a tasty filling.

A platter of scallops...yummy...

Platters of chili and black pepper crabs...

A table full of food, shared by all...including boiled and sauteed shrimp, vegetables, fried and white rice, chicken nuggets (for Bo who doesn't eat fish), and a steamed fish, served whole with the sides sliced open so we could pull pieces off. 

Most of this type of food is eaten with your hands so the restaurant has sinks lined up along the rails so diners can wash their hands...I washed mine several times.

 The fishermen wading out with spears and nets to catch more fish.

Dessert after every meal here is fresh fruit, many varieties and some we have never seen or tasted before. Today we were given two large plates of juicy papaya that disappeared very quickly. I'm sure I have gained at least 5 pounds on this trip. The gym will be my first destination on Saturday. YOLO!!


  1. Hope you bring home a few new recipe ideas. Those seafood dishes look scrumptious!

  2. Ideas for food, decorating and writing - all packed in my suitcase and brain! It was a wonderful experience.